US Suffers Heat Dome

While many are blaming a huge area of high pressure that’s compressing hot, moist air beneath it for the ‘heat dome’ that has plagued the United States lately, it is of note that it came to its own in the midst of the childish behavior of the political party called ‘Republicans’ in that country. Untold masses of hot air have been spewed by these so-called politicians who have been elected to represent their states (albeit they have yet to listen to said citizens concerning what they really want – which appears to be ending the Little Bush tax cuts for the rich as well as cutting spending by the government at large).

This ‘heat dome’ is expected to remain in place until the Republicans stop listening to the troll-teapartiers. In other words, do not expect any relief soon.

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As Rome Burns…

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Noting From My Laboratory, It Appears That the Political Economy of the World Has Not Improved a Whit

It is still a war between the Haves and the Have-Nots. Why does no one remember the Revolutions of the Past?

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