If You Have Ever Felt the Urge to Create Your Own Solar System – or Blow It Up – I Suggest You Investigate This

Come on now…don’t be shy. Click on the nice sun eating the little planet for brunch.

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He Was a Big Fellow…

Battling nomads earned you buckets of trouble around 2,500 B.C., reports an international archeology team. Scars too. But at least you earned yourself a fancy burial.

Two Bronze Age burials in a tomb from the ancient trade town of Terqa, a Mesopatamian archeological site in modern-day Syria.

“The tomb from Terqa consisted of two chambers with stone domes. The smaller chamber contained many luxury grave goods, including jars, plates and pieces of ancient jewellery. The artifacts were placed in an orderly manner, one upon another. Small animal bones and crushed ostrich eggshells indicate that this part was visited by people who left there some offerings. The other chamber was bigger and contained human skeletons,” says the study.

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Crumpet Anyone?

Bog Butter found in a timber vessel in a bog at Shancloon near Caherlistrane, north Galway, could be 2,000 to 2,500 years old, according to a specialist from the National Museum of Ireland. The butter, weighing almost two stone, was found in a timber keg which may have been hewn from a tree trunk and shaped into a barrel using early Iron Age implements.

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And, in case you wonder what a couple of thousand years may do to the shelf life of said staple…

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I Think, Therefore I Evolve

Evolution of the Evolutionarily Minded

ScienceDaily — In the century and a half since Charles Darwin’s publication of The Origin of Species, evolutionary theory has become the bedrock of modern biology, yet its application to the understanding of the human mind remains controversial. For the past 30 years, evolutionary interpretation of human cognition has been dominated by the field of evolutionary psychology. One view of this field is that human minds are composed of a list of dedicated programmes, each fashioned by natural selection to solve specific problems faced by our Stone Age ancestors, with all humans possessing the same universal architecture irrespective of geography or upbringing. However, this characterization of the human mind has been subject to criticism, in particular that some interpretations were so speculative they amounted to ‘evolutionary stories.’ Please comport yourself here for more.

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I Must Construct A Few of These for the Laboratory & the Study

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Prehistoric Art With the Basques

From ‘National Geographic’:

‘In a locally well known cave near an industrial town in Spain, researchers have unexpectedly discovered faint images of horses and hand prints dating back some 25,000 years.’  Continue to read here.

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US Suffers Heat Dome

While many are blaming a huge area of high pressure that’s compressing hot, moist air beneath it for the ‘heat dome’ that has plagued the United States lately, it is of note that it came to its own in the midst of the childish behavior of the political party called ‘Republicans’ in that country. Untold masses of hot air have been spewed by these so-called politicians who have been elected to represent their states (albeit they have yet to listen to said citizens concerning what they really want – which appears to be ending the Little Bush tax cuts for the rich as well as cutting spending by the government at large).

This ‘heat dome’ is expected to remain in place until the Republicans stop listening to the troll-teapartiers. In other words, do not expect any relief soon.

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The Pokrovka Mounds

From ‘Archaeology‘:

‘The warrior women known to ancient Greek authors as Amazons were long thought to be creatures of myth. Now 50 ancient burial mounds near the town of Pokrovka, Russia, near the Kazakhstan border, have yielded skeletons of women buried with weapons, suggesting the Greek tales may have had some basis in fact. Nomads known as the Sauromatians buried their dead here beginning ca. 600 B.C.; according to Herodotus the Sauromatians were descendants of the Amazons and the Scythians, who lived north of the Sea of Azov. After ca. 400 B.C. the Pokrovka mounds were reused by the Sarmatians, another nomadic tribe possibly related to the Sauromatians. In general, females were buried with a wider variety and larger quantity of artifacts than males, and seven female graves contained iron swords or daggers, bronze arrowheads, and whetstones to sharpen the weapons. Some scholars have argued that weapons found in female burials served a purely ritual purpose, but the bones tell a different story. The bowed leg bones of one 13- or 14-year-old girl attest a life on horseback, and a bent arrowhead found in the body cavity of another woman suggested that she had been killed in battle. The Pokrovka women cannot have been the Amazons of Greek myth–who were said to have lived far to the west–but they may have been one of many similar nomadic tribes who occupied the Eurasian steppes in the Early Iron Age.’


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As Rome Burns…

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Noting From My Laboratory, It Appears That the Political Economy of the World Has Not Improved a Whit

It is still a war between the Haves and the Have-Nots. Why does no one remember the Revolutions of the Past?

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